Founded in 1993, Le Colonial is a culinary innovation, offering an upscale French–Vietnamese fusion cuisine.

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Le Colonial Founder and Co-Owners

Luxurious Love Letter to French Vietnamese Fare to Debut in Delray Beach

Co-owner Joe King (left), and Founder and Co-owner Rick Wahlstedt (right) deliver on romance and immaculate vibes on the bustling strip of Atlantic Avenue, set to open beginning of 2023.

"Our goal with the Delray Beach location is to create something very special for South Floridians – an ambience that evokes a very distinctive vibe, which we feel will resonate beautifully in this relaxed but buzzy beachfront, town square setting. We are very excited to be part and partner of this community and hope to be part of memories to come for friends, neighbors and visitors alike" - Rick Wahlstedt